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Haven’t had such a bizarre dream in such a long time

I woke up feeling exhausted.
It was just a big and terrible mess.

My dream involved a lot of my classmates. There was death, cancer, inevitable outcomes, two victims, rewriting the future, confused emotions, lost family, and just a bunch of really strange elements mixed together. It felt like an extremely long soap opera. I woke up with a minor headache, and that never happens to me, but then again, it may possibly be from my exhausting weekend. 

Anyway, the dream I had was just kind of crazy. I hope this isn’t foretelling some kind of dark future. 

Maybe I’ll write a short comic about it some time soon, after exams and finals.

If I still remember that is. 

I already liked them together from the first season, and now I love them together even more. I love seeing Yuki having interest in people, things, or anything really.This whole episode made me feel really warm and fluffy inside. This pair is growing on me really fast~ I really love them together already ;A;! Ahhh <3 I’m excited for the next episode too =3=!!!



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Sleeves, Necklines, Collars, and Dress Types

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Anonymous said: Aren't you lovely, aren't you sweet? To be friends with you must be such a treat! I hope your day will be wonderfully fantastic instead of being boring and flat as a bag made of plastic!

Aw, that’s cute =]

We’re “friends”, but you don’t acknowledge me.

I’m always the odd one.

Throughout my years, I realized that I’m always the one that is left out.

In group projects, pair ups, etc. 

Even now.

I’m heading towards all the things I told myself I never wanted to be part of.

I told myself I never wanted to do something I know I won’t enjoy, but here I am heading towards that direction. I feel like this is the only way so that the consequences won’t be as harsh. 

I really hate it when people just cast me aside like that

And you do it to me ALL the time. I’m not saying give me 100% of your attention, but don’t just tune me out like that. It fucking pisses me off. What do you expect me to do? Just sit there and pretend to be into the conversation? I couldn’t even hear anything that was being spoken between you two, so I can’t even join the conversation. 

I felt like an idiot just sitting there staring off in space, wondering what was my reason for being here.

I don’t know; it’s just me. I’m just a butt hurt little bitch. Yea, that is exactly who I am.

I don’t know.

I’m a dumb ass.

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I can afford it, but is it worth it?

I want to draw something like this. 
Just for reference~

I want to draw something like this. 

Just for reference~

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Twins are interesting, hehe. They&#8217;re so adorable! I&#8217;m so glad Kimi To Boku is back *tears

Twins are interesting, hehe. They’re so adorable! I’m so glad Kimi To Boku is back *tears